Storage Upgrades: If your system is almost full or is in need of a back-up, it is probably time for a new or second hard drive. We stock internal and external hard drives in a large range of sizes to suite all of your storage needs.

Memory Upgrades: Memory or RAM is where all of the operational data is stored during computer usage. Installing more memory in your computer is a cost effective way to increase your computer’s overall efficiency.

Graphics Cards: If you are a computer gamer, graphic artist, or multimedia enthusiast, a graphics card upgrade might be just what you are looking for. These cards can drastically increase performance for any graphics related processes. They can also add a variety of additional features such TV input, digital video recording capabilities, and additional video output options such as HDMI to instantly stream video from your computer to your HD TV.

Wireless Cards:  Looking to add Wireless functionality to your laptop or desktop? We carry a full line of Network cards that will ensure that you stay connected. In addition, we also stock networking equipment.  Take advantage of our staff to help install wireless cards and network your personal or business systems!

Sounds Upgrades: Sound cards and Speakers can be a great option for those looking to expand the use of their computer. Stop by our shop and let us help you find, customize, and install the products that fit your needs.