Virus Removal

      Eventually, everyone encounters that dreaded pop-up screen informing them that their computer is infected.  Given the multitude of existing viruses and the rapid expansion of new infections, even those who diligently update their computer’s virus protection software remain at risk.  The difficulty with anti-virus software is a simple game of cat and mouse: Those updating the software can’t create automated virus fixes until the virus is already well documented. At Capitol Computers, we pride ourselves in our research and understanding of the latest viral threats and our ability to expertly remove these infections.  By manually searching computer systems, we can find and eliminate infections undetected through standard virus removal software.  Unlike the big box stores, we don’t rely on the simple solution of restoring your computer to its default factory settings if standard removal software fails to resolve problems.  This quick-fix technique can result in significant loss of data.  Instead, our technicians examine your entire system.  We clean out commonly infected areas, check your system’s operating files, and inspect installed software for known security risks.  We break our virus removal into three levels of service:

Level I

Level I infections are low-level and their removal usually takes 1-2 hours of work (not including scan-times). Generally, these are familiar infections with a known solution for removal.  The majority of viral infections fall into this category.  Service at this level includes:

  • Malware, spyware, and virus scans with multiple virus removal programs
  • Checking start-up programs and services
  • Cleaning out commonly infected areas such as temp files

Level II

If the infection still persists after performing all of the Level I steps, we proceed through Level II of virus removal. New infections or infections that are known to burrow deep into the computer’s system files fall under this category.  Maintenance at this level often involves Windows installation repairs, boot record fixes, and research of specialized removal techniques. Before proceeding with Level II fixes, we create copies of your hard drive to ensure the preservation of valuable data.

Level III

Occasionally, systems become too infected to fix.   Some infections simply destroy too many system files during removal and cause irreparable damage. If we exhaust all options at Level I and Level II and your system is still infected, the only remaining option is to wipe and reload the system returning it to the default factory settings. Level III virus removal is performed only as a last resort unless requested by the customer.